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Alluna Optics manufactures optics for mirror telescopes in the range of 14 to 34 Inch diameters at the highest quality. Our optics are being used worldwide by observatories, telescope manufacturers, astrophotographers as well as ambitious amateur astronomers who wish to be sure they receive perfect optics. Aside from parabolic mirrors we also manufacture classic Cassegrain and Ritchey Chrétien systems for custom orders or in small batches. For research and industry we produce optics for Lidar telescopes, collimators, laser applications, Schlieren optics and further application areas. 
Cassegrain Hauptspiegel.Mirror making.Ritchey Chretien Cassegarin Optic

Ritchey Chretien Telescopes Alluna Ritchey Chrétien telescopes are professional telescopes "Made in Germany" that are geared toward quality without compromise.  High quality optics in a CNC truss carbon lens barrel manufactured on the latest machines builds in the universal applicability of the Ritchey Chrétien method of construction. With the optics assured of a good future with a usable photographic field of 65 mm with a very small spot diameter our RC telescopes are best suited for astrophotography, astronomical research as well as for observatory operations with public access. The RC-Telescopes are available in sizes 16, 18, 20 and 24 inches as f8,0 systems, with Reducer f6,0.

Newtonian Astrographen Telescopes Alluna Newton astrographs are top notch telescopes "Made in Germany". 
Guaranteed perfect optics built into a stable warp resistant CNC lattice structure lens barrel. The highly luminous devices with an aperture of f3.0 to f3.8 are suited for upper end astrophotography as well as a robust all-purpose device with stable alignment.  Our Newton astrographs in the lattice structure building method are telescopes built with the highest optical and mechanical precision. Available in sizes 16, 18, 20 and 24 inches.

Alluna Optics Ritchey Chretien Telescope
Alluna Ritchey Chrétien Telescopes
16, 18, 20 and 24 Inch
Alluna Optics Netonian Astrograph
Alluna Newtonian Astrographs
16, 18, 20 and 24 Inch
Alluna Optics RC20
Helix Nebula / Alluna RC20
more Astro pictures of Alluna Optics customers
Alluna Optics RC20
20 Inch Alluna RC on Zeiss mount 
IAS Observatory Namibia
Alluna Optics RC16
Alluna RC16 on Paramount ME
Kinmen Educational Remote Observatory, 
Taiwan, R.O.C
Astrokamera 500mm f2,8 bis f3,8
New 20" astro camera on the IAS
Hakos / Namibia
28 Inch Telescope
28 Inch Optics for astronomical observatories
Gaisberg / Austria
28 Inch Telescope
Alluna Optics delivers 28 inch mirror 
observatory at the Gamsberg / Namibia